Developing natural synergies
We promote a balance between nature and people, taking care of each other in an intelligent way.
Trust nature, not us.
Trust nature, not us. Through our project, we want to give you all the information you need to learn about the benefits of natural synergies, the power of the endocannabinoid system and how Cannabidiol can promote your well-being.
Bee autentic
We design and produce solutions with natural synergies that connect the potential of cannabis (CBD), beekeeping and different active ingredients to integrate the power of nature's intelligence in favour of our well-being.

We want to break with the established by connecting the intelligence of nature with the needs of people to improve their daily life.
Bee natural
We deliver what we promise, acting on what we want to achieve. Making sure we work every day for a more sustainable product.

We have a last mile traceability system and we only work with local suppliers that comply with our environmental policy: no toxics or pesticides.
Bee expert
We always give our opinion, promoting our values, taking into account their impact and scope. Engaging in everything we do to improve the world around us. We care for and value the work of each part of the chain, ensuring dignified and fair work.

We source our honey from local and organic beekeeping, with 10% of our profits going to sustainable beekeeping projects that promote the development of rural areas.
Conscientes por la naturaleza
Cumplimos con lo que prometemos, actuando conforme a lo que queremos lograr. Asegurándonos de trabajar cada día por un producto más sostenible.

Nos respetamos a nosotros mismos y a todos los organismos vivos que nos rodean. Cuidadno de nuestro impacto en la naturaleza para que ella uide de nosotros de la forma más inteligente y saludable.
Producción local
Siempre damos nuestra opinión, promoviendo nuestros valores, teniendo en cuenta su impacto y alcance. Implicándonos en todo lo que hacemos para mejorar el mundo que nos rodea.

Cuidamos y valoramos el trabajo de cada parte de la cadena, asegurando un trabajo digno y justo.

Conscious by nature

At The Beemine Lab we are very grateful for what nature provides, and to return the favour, we offer products for responsible consumption. We work with Ecocert certification and with certified raw materials of natural and organic origin. Our initiative allocates 10% of the profits to sustainable beekeeping projects to promote the protection and increase of the bee population, one of the key species for the balance of ecosystems
When technology and nature meet, the result is The Beemine Lab.

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